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Text Template Plugin for Windows Live Writer

Welcome to the Text Template project. This project is focused on adding a snip or template feature to Windows Live Writer. A Text Template is just a commonly used HTML snip. Maybe a mood, a phrase you commonly use, URL, Image, etc. Just about anything you can express as HTML can be saved for future usage as a Template.

Text Templates are stored as stand alone XML files so you can share your templates with others (or more likely sync them with your other machines...).

v1.2 Released

v1.2.3.3 has been released to production.
Unless feature requests come in or bugs are found, this may be the last release for a while...

v1.2 Feature List:
  • Replacement of the listbox on the Select Template dialog with a grid, which allows sorting, filtering, etc of Templates.
  • Added Categories to Text Templates, which allow for cooler sorting and filtering
  • Added Icons to Text Templates, which let you associate an icon with a given template making it easier to identify and select a given template
  • Added a Preview feature to the Add and Select dialogs, which let you see your inserted HTML in its full HTML glory.
  • Added Filtering to Select Template dialog
  • Added a Setup.

v1.2 Changes from to
  • Filtering on the Select Text Template dialog changed to "real time" filtering. As you type, the list is automatically filtered...
  • Added an About Dialog
  • Add both a link and help button to the Select Text Template dialog to show the About dialog

The Release Document has a few more details and information. WLWTextTemplate.doc


Here's a preview of the new Select dialog. Much prettier isn't it?

And what's a programmer to do but add an About dialog? I used the stack of pennies because I thought it was a good representation of the intent of the plugin. Adding a little of of value/time savings each time you use it, adding up to a lot of value over time... ;)

The updated Add dialog, showing off the Category feature.

Selecting an Icon for your new Template

A preview of the HTML in your new Template

The Categories are "smart" in that if you type in a new, non-existing category you'll be asked if you want to add it to your list (so you can use it again in the future).
Also from the Category list you can Manage Categories, which allows you to add and delete categories.

The newly added Template in the Select Template dialog

Showing off the sorting... Like most features of this plugin, the sort column and direction is remembered between sessions, so if you like to sort by Category, the next time you Select a Template the grid will already be sorted.

Filtering is "real time." As you type a Title or Category the filter is automatically applied, providing real time feedback.

Also the last entered Title and Category used will be auto-magically filled in for you and applied when you come back to the Select Template dialog.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions!

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